American Muscle Car Simulator: Classic Cars App Reviews

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There is no car like the one shown in picture 1

The white “pax” car, with the nice graphics...ummm NO... not part of THIS GAME! Played for 8 seconds and uninstalled... awful


It’s stupid fake and there’s nothing to do


Super cheesy


Crappy game so crappy I couldn’t believe it honestly! Worst car game I have yet to try

Need only a few things

The game is great but there are some changes that need to be made if you’re going to improve the game first the car sounds they sound like something of beamNG drive put that classic muscle car rumble with the muscle cars Second realistic damage some of the fun is wrecking the cars third have more tracks I don’t constantly want to be out in a desert all the time


This is a great game!!! You guys really know how to create a game. One thing I would suggest is to have more cars. This game is a dream come true!!! Also another suggestion is to have more maps and a multiplayer mode also. Overall, this is my favorite game.

Overall horrible game

I dont know if this game was just released or just never updated but it is truly an awful awful game, plus the first screencap isnt even from this game, do not have high hopes going into this game. Just saying.

Good game

Good game

Good game

This game is awesome but it'd be better if there was a chevy Camaro and a lot more places to go five stars for me

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